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About Us

We at Hudday strive to provide the aspiring entrepreneurs with modern opportunities to empower their businesses. Our service helps potential clients to make the most out of their social media channels and enjoy the quality and care that are put into that special endeavour.

Why we're the best
for you

We are a flat-fee based Social Media Service. This means that we support your company on a daily basis and you pay just a monthly fee!

Cost Efficiency

The simple flat-fee value matrix and analytics guarantee the efficiency of our work

Individual approach

We work individually with every client we have and provide you with services that are tailored for you and your business

Talented staff

All members of our team have multiple years of top agency experience. Having worked with clients large and small gave them exceptional insights into the business.

Why is unique
content important?

Entertaining and insightful content is key to communication with customers. Raising awareness is not easy, especially if you are a new brand.

Hudday will asisst you with great content that leverages your outreach enourmously

How does it work?

1. You simply send us a short content snippet
2. We analyse, research and recreate your content
3. We send it back to you or post it directly to your social media!

Creative Design/

Our designers are well prepared to create a stunning piece of art, totally based on your idea

Unique Content/

Research is key - it gives us the opportunity to create something fantastic

Corp. Layout/

If provided, we will always stick to your CI or at least try to maintain a similar style.

/15 Posts/m

Every month you will receive 15 unique posts!

/4x languages

We are a very international team and can provide you with content in English, German, Spanish and Russian

/ Fast an reliable

We will send you your content almost immediately, max. 24h., depending on the topic :)

For only 99€ monthly you will get 15 astonishing unique posts!

Content Examples

We create content in diverse ways. The main types vary from simple text rewritting, through image adaptation and infographics, up to opinions, comments and mentions of influencing people on the given topic.

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Order now

We offer two types of packages, a simple Startup package with a monthly on-demand service and an extended custom service for our Enterprise clients. Please use our contact form if you have any questions.


€99 / month

  • On-Demand Content Creation
  • 15x Posts per Month
  • 3x Social Media Channels


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  • Market research, social media identity, business intelligence
  • On-Site visits, custom content, event coverage and more
  • 3x Social Media Channels, New trends and specific networks

Still not sure what this is all about? Check out our HelpDesk!

Receiving requests through

We can receive your content request through any communication channel.


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